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There are many things to know before proceeding on a Real Estate transaction. I have tried to include some of the most frequently asked questions.

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    A: If you are a buyer, tenant, or a seller who would like to do a short sale. All of the services are free to you. However, if you are a Seller the fee is 6%. If you are a Landlord and just want your home marketed it is one months rent, or if you want full management services it includes a monthly fee. Please inquire as only certain kinds of properties qualify.
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    A: As a Realtor, we work as agents for the buyers, sellers and sometimes both, which is called dual agency. Whether your are buying or selling, it is our job to protect your best interests. Also to represent you and help guide you through the negotiation process as well as help you navigate through the process and avoid many commonly made mistakes.
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    A: Commission is divided into 4 parts. Buyers Agent, Buyers Broker, Sellers Agent and Sellers Broker. So then lowering the commission 1% results in the buyers agents having thier pay reduced by 16.7% if they sell your home. Do you want the Real Estate professional who is showing your home to potential buyers to be punished economically for selling your home verses a competitors home? It has been my experience that buyers agents tend to offer much less money for homes listed at a discount, hoping their buyers will choose another home that does not have a discounted paycheck attached. Effectively causing the seller to end up with less money at the settlement table. So I am convinced that discounted commission hurts the sellers bottom line. In fact some agents offer selling bonuses to buyers agents, however, I have not seen any evidence this is helpful to the Seller.
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    A: This will vary depending on a multitude of factors:
    1. Is the home overpriced or priced to sell
    2. Can the seller lower the price and still have their mortgage paid off?
    3. Is it bank owned, a short sale or privately owned?
    4. Are you willing to move onto another listing if the seller is unwilling or unable to meet your price?
    5. Is the Realtor on the other side of the transaction a skilled negotiator or not?
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    A: Yes, in fact I schedule many evening and weekend appointments as well.
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    A: No, tours will not be scheduled for those who chose not to apply. To help you understand why, here are the reasons.
    1. Property managers get paid nothing to tour rentals and yet still have to buy gas. So every effort has been made to provide you with as much data as possible, in fact we encourage you to do a drive by the property as well as view interior room photos and see all the details prior to applying.
    2. Over 100 requests for tours are received most days and it is not possible to tour that many people per day. Serious potential tenants are screened by those who apply vs. those who do not.
    3. Some applications are automatically denied. Those would be anyone with a prior eviction, any judgment by a utility company or a long history of not paying anyone on time. It is a waste of everyone's time to tour, if the application is an automatic denial. We do work with people who have life events, which have caused low credit scores, if we have a prior landlord referral and stable income.