Greetings and welcome to my home page. It is not easy for me to write all about me as it feels so vain, however, you don’t know me and if you will allow me to assist you. You deserve to know a little about me.

I grew up in western Massachusetts in a small town called Lee and as a young man of 13 I was encouraged by my Dad to start a Lawn Mowing business. By the time I was 16 I had 53 customers from word of mouth. I was taught, responsibility, respect, diligence and honoring the customer at a young age. At 18 I joined the USAF and was trained in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Cryogenics.

I served in the United States Air Force from 1985 to 1989. There I worked in Civil Engineering. I was then stationed in Delaware in 1986, serving at Dover Air Force Base. During an assignment in Saudi Arabia, I met my future wife, Marilou, who was there on a working visa from the Philippines. We married in 1987, and decided to stay in Delaware. After receiving an Honorable discharge from the military, I spent a few years doing service work for Heating and Air-Conditioning. In March of 1992, I started my own home building business, Berkshire Home Builders, Inc., building custom homes. For 15 years, Berkshire Home Builders, Inc. made a reputation of building some of the finest homes in the Dover and surrounding areas.

Becoming a Realtor

In 2003, I made a decision to use my knowledge and experience in contracting and apply that to real estate in order to help my clients make the best decisions about buying or selling a home. I realized that being a real estate agent would help create a synergistic service for my current and future clients. There are few reasons why I felt it was important to become a real estate agent:

1. Some people needed immediate occupancy.

2. Many of my existing satisfied clients needed to sell homes.

3. Current potential clients were having trouble finding suitable building lots.

Focusing efforts

In 2006, I decided to focus on being a Realtor and Property Manager and discontinued building homes. I found what I loved to do! – Help people with their Real Estate needs

As an agent, I will provide you, as my client, a broad spectrum of services which include, but are not limited to:

  • Buyers can access the listings of my homes and the homes of all the other Realtors who cooperate to better serve the public on my multilist site. Here.
  • Advertising, nationwide
  • Provide Sellers, Buyers, Landlords and Tenants with many public domain sites that can help them with their individual goals
  • Internet presence that puts your home in front of thousands of potential buyers or tenants.
  • Provide Sellers with an accurate market value to sell their home.
  • Provide Landlords with minimal vacancy and maximum rental collection while maintaining their properties as cost effectively as possible.
  • Provide prescreened tenants with quality single family housing
  • Access to the multiple-listing service, multiplying the number of buyers and tenants viewing properties
  • Knowledge of where to obtain financing and many different financing options including 100% financing.
  • Local knowledge of Real Estate allows me to best match my clients housing desires to their requests.
  • Bring negotiation skills to the table – Certified Real Estate Negotiator
  • Consistent member of the 100% Club, demonstrating performance regardless of market conditions.
  • As a custom builder, developer and designer of hundreds of homes. I know the products from the ground up to the roof.

I respect my clients and enjoy serving them free of pressure! I never spam or make multiple calls. It is my desire to help others not annoy them.